The First Delve

Asmodeus, MacRob, Mont Blanc, Grifter, and an Elf made their way to a castle formerly inhabited by the Clarish Clan of the Ratharian Empire. During the war against Jeltin, some portal was opened, allowing members of the dark races to pour out into Rathar. The party was sent to investigate the portal, and close it if at all possible. They spent some time in Sunstone, preparing for their adventure. Grifter attempted to steal everything that was not nailed down, and some things that were. An inn was found, and the party agreed to trade work for lodging in the barn. The Elf sat watch for the night, while the other slept. Eventually, a group of kobolds began an assault on the inn, but the party dispatched them quickly. After informing the owners of the attack, the adventurers were allowed to sleep inside for the remained of the night. They set out to the castle the next morning, winding up the rock pathway through the Dwarvish Mountains. The Party entered the castle and proceeded through it haphazardly. They navigated through the inner walls of the first level, discovering a small Dwarvish enclave, where they purchased slightly better weapons. This interaction was followed by Grifter running into a large room filled with treasure. A block shot up, preventing both Grifter, and Mont Blanc from exiting the room. Mont Blanc tied up the rogue, and the rest of the party (Asmodeus, MacRob, and the Elf) continued to poke through the dungeon, and learned from the Dwarves that the treasure-filled room was a trap, from which they would take the rogue and place him in jail for his greed. The party outside the trap also encountered a Green Slime in a room with a fountain, though after Mont Blanc and Grifter were released, they managed to dispatch the foe. For a moment, the party worried that Asmodeus was starting to turn into a slime, but they determined it was only a trick of the light. the party grabbed coins in the green slime’s room, and passed through a room to the south, where they disturbed an urn, which began laughing maniacally. The Elf grabbed a piece of chalk from the floor, and kept it close to his hands. The party crossed a hallway, and entered a fairly empty room, but for sparse decorations. In the doorway they viewed a princess, beckoning them to come to her aid. MacRob, however, thought the whole thing some elaborate dupe. The Elf, however, charged through the door to save the princess. Here he encountered an ogre, which attacked him viciously. The Party fled from the scene, and headed north once more. They party then entered a barracks-like room full of beds. A large table held a freshly killed hogshead, and other debris. They then pushed outwards into a courtyard, where they found another fountain. From inside the fountain, a gem flashed, and Grifter grabbed at it, causing a flash of light to blind everyone except for Mont Blanc. The party rested for four hours as their sight came back, and were attacked by Troglodytes. Mont Blanc, acting quickly, guided the party out another door, and their vision quickly returned. The party continued down a hallway, coming to the barracks of one of the watchtowers. Using an arrow, Grifter managed to pry open a trapped chest, avoiding spikes that shot from the lock. Unfortunately for the greedy thief, the chest had long since been emptied. Growling, Grifter led the party into the tower, where they found nothing but tattered sheets, some scented oil, and a few sweetmeats. From there, the exploration continued back out the barracks doors, and down a slanting corridor to the east. The party listened at the next door they came to, and heard a slight buzzing. Opening the door revealed two fire beetles, who promptly attacked the party. Engaging the bugs for a few rounds, the party was wounded, and made a fighting retreat. They attempted to retread towards the Dwarves they’d met earlier for safety, but met with the troglodytes on the way. The Elf offered a candle, suggesting the Troglodytes would meet their maker should he use the implement in the correct way. They did not, however, believe him, and quickly slew Asmodeus, MacRob, Grifter, and the Elf. Mont Blanc, his party’s corpse around him, surrendered, and the troglodytes brought him to a cavern in the lower level of the castle. Kobolds have been feeding and beating him daily.



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