Character Creation

Character Creation for Wulluxian PCS may take one of two paths. The first is simple, following the guidlines of the PHB. The second is more drawn out, and detailed below.

  • Roll 4d6, and assign to stats as desires. (Method V in PHB).
  • Choose a Race, and adjust characters ability stores. Each Race has several subraces, and every race or subrace has a few special abilities. Click on the link to the race or subrace for details of the racial special abilities.

  • Determine a Background, as follows:
Dice Roll Social (/Economic) Class
01-04 Lower Lower Class
05-10 Middle Lower Class
11-20 Upper Lower Class
21-35 Lower Middle Class
36-55 Middle Middle Class
56-87 Upper Middle Class
88-96 Lower Upper Class
97-99 Middle Upper Class
00 Upper Upper Class
Dice Roll Order of Birth
01-05 Only Child 06-10 1st Child
11-20 2nd Child
21-35 3rd Child
36-50 4th Child
51-65 5th Child
66-80 6th Child
81-85 7th Child
86-90 8th Child
91-94 9th Child
95-97 10th Child
98-99 11th Child
00 12th Child
Dice Roll Marital Status
01-80 Parents Legally Married
81-00 Parents Unmarried

Racial Modifier’s to Social Rank and Birth Tables:

Race Modifier
Dwarf -15
Aquatic Elf -10
Grey Elf -30
High Elf -20
Snow Elf -15
Syvlan Elf -10
Gnomes, All -20
Half Elf -10
Halfling -10
Humans N/A
  • Select a Class. Classes are limited by race and ability.

Racial Availability of Classes

  • Dwarf: Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Cleric.
  • Elf: Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Thief, Mage/Thief, Fighter/Mage/Thief, Cavalier (Grey Elves), Druid (Grey & Sylvan Elves).
  • Fae: Cavalier, Cleric, Mage, Thief, Fighter, Fighter/Mage.
  • Gnome: Fighter, Illusionist, Cleric, Thief, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Illusionist, Fighter/Thief, Cleric/Illusionist, Cleric/Thief, Illusionist/Thief.
  • Half-Elf: Figthter, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Druid, Theif, Bard, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Druid, Fighter/Mage, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Mage, Thief/Mage, Fighter/Mage/Cleric, Fighter/Mage/Thief,.
  • Humans: Any Class.

  • Choose an alignment. Class restricts which alignment you can chose.

  • Barbarian – Any Chaotic.
  • Bard – Any Neutral Combination.
  • Cavalier – Any Good at start.
  • Cleric/Priest – Any acceptable by deity see ( faiths).
  • Monk – Any Lawful.
  • Paladin – Lawful Good.
  • Ranger – Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic Good.
  • All Others – Any.

  • Record saving throws and THAC0, as per PHB.
  • Roll Hit Points. Apply a 20 Point kicker at first level.

* Barbarian – 1d12, +1d12 every level.

  • Bard – 1d6, +1d6 every level.
  • Cavalier, Paladin – 3d4+1 or 1d10+3 by social standing, +1d10 every level.
  • Cleric, Druid – 1d8, +1d8 every level.
  • Fighter – 1d10, +1d10 every level.
  • Magic-User – 1d4, +1d4 every level.
  • Monk – 2d4, +1d4 every level.
  • Ranger – 2d8 at first level, +1d8 every level.
  • Thief – 1d6, +1d6 every level.

  • Record base movement, as per PHB.
  • Select a Bloodline (Optional).

    Players have the option of belonging to a particular well-known bloodline of the land of Wulluxia. The benefit of chosing a bloodline is the divinely granted powers that members of a bloodline are entitled to, as well as the eventual right to a holding and a title (this must be earned). The player may chose from the bloodlines below, or roll randomly (1d100). Only the races listed below have bloodlines. Humans may also choose the Illith bloodline and trace their ancestry back to the Wilhelm-Illith relationship. After choosing a Bloodline, check the Blood Abilities page, and roll on the tables to determine how many and what blood abilities the PC gains.

Fae Gloriana [1-70%] Redcrosse [71-100%]

Gnome Xelnaga

Halfling Lightfoot

Human Illith [1-15%] Rathar [16-65%] Hroth [66-85] Jeltin [86-100%]

  • Choose a Kit (Optional). Players may flesh out their characters with Kits from various supplement books. Listed here are those available in the Wulluxian campaign. The Kits are broken up by Class Type, and some by Race. No matter how many classes a character has, they may only chose one kit, representing the dominant passion in the PCs life.

  • Warrior Kits: Amazon, Beast-Rider, Berserker, Gladiator, Myrmidon, Noble Warrior, Peasant Hero, Outlaw, Savage, Swashbuckler, Wilderness Warrior. (Ranger: Beastmaster, Explorer, Falconer, Feralan, Forest Runner, Giant Killer, Greenwood Ranger, Gaurdian, Justifier, Mountain Man, Pathfinder, Sea Ranger, Seeker, Stalker, Warden.) (Paladin: Chevalier, Divinate, Envoy, Equerry, Errant, Expatriate, Ghosthunter, Inquisitor, Medician, Militarist, Skyrider, Squire, Votary, Wyrmslayer).
  • Magic-User Kits: Academician, Amazon Sorceress, Anagakok, Militant Wizard, Mystic, Patrician, Peasant Wizard, Savage Wizard, Witch, Wu Jen.
  • Priest Kits: Amazon Priest, Berserker/Barbarian Priest, Fighting-Monk, Nobleman Priest, Outlaw Priest, Pacifist Priest, Peasant Priest, Prophet Priest, Savage Priest, Scholar Priest. (Druid: Adviser, Avenger, Beastfriend, Gaurdian, Hivemaster, lost Druid, Natural Philosopher, Outlaw, Pacifist, Savage, Shapeshifter, Totemic Druid, Village Druid, Wanderer.)
  • Rogue Kits: Acrobats, Adventurer, Assasin, Bandit, Beggar, Bounty Hunter, Burglar, Cutpurse, Fence, Investigator, Scout, Smuggler, Spoy, Swashbuckler, Swindler, Thug. (Bard: Blade, Charlatan, Gallant, Gypsy-Bard, Herald, Jester, Jongleur, Loremaster, Meistersinger, Riddlemaster, Skald, Thespian.)

  • Dwarf Kits: (Fighter: Animal Master, Axe for Hire, Clansdwarf, Hearth Guard, Battlerager, Higborn, Outcast, Rapid Response Rider,Sharpshooter), (Priest: Crafts Priest, Pariah, Patrician, Ritual Priest), (Fighter/Priest: Champion, Temple Gaurd, Vindicator), (Thief: Diplomat, Entertainer, Locksmith, Pest Controller), (Fighter/Thief: Ghetto Fighter, Trader, Vermin Slayer Wayfinder).
  • Elf Kits: (Priest: Herbalist), (Warrior: Archer, Wildnerness Runner, Windrider), (Mage/Thief: Elven Minstrel, Spellfilcher), (Fighter/Mage: Bladesinger, War Wizard), (Fighter/Thief: Huntsman), (Fighter/Mage/Thief: Collector, Infiltrator), (Any: Undead Slayer).
  • Gnome Kits: (Fighter: Breachgnome, Goblinsticker), (Thief: Mouseburgler, Tumbler), (Illusionist: Imagemaker, Vanisher), (Priest: Rocktender, Treetender), (Thief/Illusionist: Buffoon), (Fighter/Thief: Stalker).
  • Half-Elf Kits: Half-Elves may chose from any appropriate Elven kit, should they wish, but only if they are raised in an Elvish society.
  • Halfling Kits: (Fighter: Archer, Forestwalker, Homesteader, Mercernary, Sherrif, Squire, Tunnelrat), (Thief: Bandit, Bilker, Burglar, Smuggler, Urchin), (Fighter/Thief: Cartographer, Trader, Taveler), (Priest: Healer, Leaftender, Oracle).

  • Make Wild Talents Roll This is the only time a character may pick up Psionic abilities. Each character has a base 1% chance, which is modified as detailed below.
Each Wis, Con, or Int Score of 18 +3
Each Wis, Con, or Int Score of 17 +2
Each Wis, Con, or Int Score of 16 +1
No Kit or No Bloodline +2
No Kit and No Bloodline +3
Mage, Cleric, of Demihuman x1/2
  • Select Proficienies.

    Chose appropriate weapon and nonweapon proficiencies, as listed in the PHB. Characters who have chosen a kit must take the required proficiencies first.

  • Equip Character.

    Starting funds are determined as per the PHB, or as modified by the characters Kit. Buy weapons, armor, and anything else from the list in the PHB. Determine armor class.

  • Create Backstory

    Write a backstory, at least three paragraphs long, detailing your character’s call to adventure. A good backstory may net one free nonweapon proficiency slot.

Character Creation

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