Furchin are a Polar version of Halfling, who made their way with the Snow elves and half-elves from the Northern Wastes. When they burrowed into the ice they met with the few Dwarves who settled in the Northern Mountains.

Furchin (Polar)

Ability Score Adjustments +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity, -1 Strength, -1 Wisdom

Minimum/Maximum Ability Scores
Ability Minimum Maximum
Strength 3 17
Dexterity 8 19
Constitution 10 19
Intelligence 6 18
Wisdom 3 17
Charisma 7 18

Languages Furchin, Dwarven.

Racial Features

Automatic proficiency in Cold-Weather Survival. +4 bonus to all saving throws versus all cold-based attacks (magical or nonmagical) -4 Bonus to AC when fighting giant-class creatures -2 to AC against attacks from man-sized creatures (these two bonuses are not cumulative)


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